Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Writing Retreats

The spiritual writer Paula D'Arcy (Gift of the Red Bird) continues to use TENDING TO GRACE as a prerequisite for her writing retreats, held throughout the US. Today is the final day of a five-day retreat at the Quellen Spiritual Center in NJ. 

Past retreats have been held in Alaska, Pennsylvania and Calgary, Canada -- and beyond!

Here's what Paula says about TENDING TO GRACE: "It is a beautiful piece of writing, very slim and a quick read, but will be a rich teaching tool for our days together."

In her book, WAKING UP TO THIS DAY, Paula D'Arcy writes about TENDING TO GRACE:  "It is a coming-of-age story that reaches into the reader's heart.  The central character, Cornelia, is a stutterer.  By the end of the story, which is spare and stunning, Cornelia has learned to press on heroically.  She finally leans into the shame that arises from her stuttering and also from the painful challenge of her mother's rejection.  Ultimately, an elderly aunt helps Cornelia find her authentic self, but not by using words.  She accomplishes this by holding a space in which Cornelia is able to come forward; she calls her forth."

I am so thrilled that Cornelia has come so far!