Monday, April 4, 2016

How to Encourage Empathy

Thank you to Imagination Soup for including BEHOLDING BEE in your list of books that teach empathy!

"We MUST read stories that help us become empathetic to what it’s like to have a physical disability; stories that show not just our differences but more importantly, our similarities.

We MUST talk about physical disabilities (differences) with children. If we don’t, they become the elephant(s) in the room. As a result, children mistakenly interpret that these topics are wrong or taboo.

Disabilities are NOT wrong. Nor taboo. As we’ll see in these stories, everyone notices differences. Especially curious children. So it’s up to us to discuss and help our children learn about the similarities. It’s up to us to answer questions and to help kids see what it might feel like to have a physical disability. This is the a way to ensure that we raise compassionate, empathetic, and kind children."

Imagination Soup recommends several great books for young readers, including BEHOLDING BEE: