Monday, November 12, 2012

Mainely Girls!

I am pleased and honored that THE WONDER OF CHARLIE ANNE is a new addition to the Mainely Girls Middle School Reading List.

Mainely Girls is a non-profit organization in the state of Maine that was founded with a two-part mission: to work with rural communities to assist them in focusing on girls’ needs in a positive, preventative, and proactive manner; and to work on the state level to bring about positive change for girls.

It addresses issues of girls in rural areas by helping communities identify the specific needs of girls and young women in their areas and, in response to those needs, organize programs to improve the environment in which their girls grow to maturity.

Since 1996, Mainely Girls has administered numerous programs to make good things happen for girls.  One thing it does is set up A Girl’s Point of View Book Clubs across the state.  The clubs provide an opportunity for girls of all levels and abilities to read the best contemporary fiction that focuses on issues many girls are facing today.

Teachers and librarians from other states might appreciate this list of 43 titles.  Each novel features strong girls.  The lists of suggested titles include major award winners and some of the most talented authors writing today.  They include Cynthia Voigt, Lois Lowry, Karen Cushman, and Maine's own Cynthia Lord.  I am delighted that TENDING TO GRACE is also included on the list!

There is also a 4th and 5th grade list and a high school reading list.

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