Thursday, January 23, 2014

Caught in the Act!

So fun to catch my daughter, Laura, reading my first novel, TENDING TO GRACE!  

She's read it several times, this was a re-read...It was so fun to listen to her laughing and, of course, I'd have to ask, "Hey, what's so funny?" She was also one of my first readers for THE WONDER OF CHARLIE ANNE and BEHOLDING BEE.

 Lucky me to have four children who read my books!  I noticed my daughter, Kate, had BEHOLDING BEE tucked into her backpack when she went back to college after Christmas break. Matthew told me he's been reading BEE on the ferry on his way home from graduate school, and Daniel, my oldest, has been reading my books for years and years.

Lucky, lucky, mom.

And here they all are!